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Why choose us
Dental team

We are proud to have a professional team of doctors led by Dr Binu Abraham with over twenty years of experience in high standard dental practice. Dr Binu is supported by good team of specialist consultants of various specialties and they are available for consultation on appointment on all days except Sundays any time during clinic hours for your convenience. We have trained support staff as assistants and in the reception they are friendly and highly professional. We are supported by the best dental laboratories in the region for high quality crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers etc. We use computerized professional dental clinic management systems to help our staff with record keeping and accounts.
Dr. Abrahams Dental Care Centre team
State of the art dental infrastructure

We are equipped with the highest quality dental armamentarium available in the market, most of our instruments and machines are imported from outside such as KaVo dental chair, Ficoinox dental autoclave, apex locator, rotary endodontic instruments etc
Dr. Abrahams Dental Care Centre equipments
Child friendly clinic

We practice kid-friendly dentistry, for the benefit of your child as well as the child in all of us who may be apprehensive or frightened at the thought of dental treatment. there is no excuse and no reason for any type frightening dental treatment, especially when you consider that there are high-tech, patient-friendly methods now available for children and adults as well that can eliminate the fear and apprehension associated with conventional dentistry. "kid-friendly" dentistry, as practiced by our center, is based upon highly refined, benign "kinder, gentler" techniques that involve high-tech tools that are much less intimidating to a child. We spend time showing each of our young patients and educating them about what we do, our tools and techniques, and letting them get comfortable with our environment before we do any procedure. Many of our staff members have children of their own and understand their needs and concerns in a dental environment. We are ready to provide you and your child with exceptional, health-based, high-tech dentistry whenever you are ready.
Child friendly clinic
Aseptic environment

Our clinic is designed with infection control procedures in mind, strict zoning is maintained between clean and dirty zones, all unsterilized areas are covered with disposable barrier film shields, our suction apparatus is disinfected by a specific solution

Surgery design :
The dental units and surrounding equipments are designed such that the dentist and the assistant are obliged to conform to all cross infection recommendations. Potentially contaminated areas of the dental unit are easily accessible for cleaning, disinfection. The operator’s area contains a dirty area which can be disinfected and a clean area which contains the records radiographs etc. A separate area has been provided for sterilization contains the sink, ultrasonic cleaner and the autoclave.

Aerosol inhalation :
The aerosol created by the air turbine and ultrasonic scalar contains micro-organisms and tooth particles which can be inhaled leading to chronic cough bronchitis and can be harmful to eyes. Also instruments on the bracket table can be contaminated. this problem is reduced by using good ventilation , air-conditioning high volume suction etc. Protective eyewear and theatre type masks are worn at all time,.masks’ are discarded as soon as it becomes externally contaminated or after the surgery.

Clinical waste :
Clinical waste includes human tissues, blood and other body fluids, drugs and other pharmaceutical products, swabs and dressings, syringes or needles and other sharp instruments. Clinical waste is segregated in to yellow and red bags Used needles are destroyed using the needle burner IMAGE will collect the waste and will be disposed accordingly

Immunization of staff :
All new staff is required to be immunized against hepatitis B, which is completed before employment commences. The immunization status is checked every 3-5 years and booster given when required.

Instrument cleaning and sterilization :
We have zero compromise as far as sterilization procedures are concerned. Our sterilization process include three distinct steps
A. Pre sterilization cleaning- manual as well as ultrasonic
B. Sterilization - using high standard autoclave
C. Post sterilization storage- in sealed sterile pouches.
Pre sterilization cleaning
In order to kill microorganisms, they must be accessible to and not covered in organic debris. There are two methods used in our surgery
• mechanical cleaning
• ultrasonic cleaning
all instruments are cleaned to remove any residue and blood after use, by the dental assistant wearing gloves, using warm water, along handled kitchen type brush.
Pre sterilization cleaning
The sterilization process
The instruments are sterilized using the autoclave. The contaminated instruments are placed in a a tray that is then placed in the autoclave, which employs the latent heat of steam for sterilization. There is different temperature /time combinations recommended for autoclaving we use 134-137c for a minimum holding time of 5 minutes Hand pieces are cleaned externally and internally with oil spray before placing in the autoclave The ultrasonic scalar tips are manually cleaned and also with the ultrasonic cleaner before placing them in to the autoclave Triple way syringes can be autoclaved and is done after each patient. burs can be sterilized in the autoclave but are discarded when blunt as they are damaged by sterilization.
The sterilization process
Aseptic storage
The sterile instruments are stored in disposable sterile pouches till use.
Aseptic storage
International standards in treatment methodology

Because our doctors have been working abroad for so many years we have adapted the methodology for the treatments at par with internationally accepted manner All our patients are well informed about the treatment options with pros and cons of all options. After the discussion a proper treatment plan is finalized and later consent form is signed, we make sure proper follow up of all treatments periodically.
International standards in treatment methodology

Ours is ground floor clinic accessible to all and have adequate parking facilities