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Even though the majority of people in India brush their teeth, only 1 in 10 brush in a way that effectively prevents tooth decay. Our dental team comprising of one among the best dentists in Trivandrum emphasizes the need for the use of proper brushing for your dental health.Researchers have examined the tooth brushing habits of 2,013 people aged between 15 to 80 years old. The researchers set out to determine how often and how long they brushed their teeth, how much toothpaste is put on the toothbrush, how often fluoride toothpaste is used and how much water is used during and after brushing.Although fluoride toothpaste was found to be the most popular, only a few know how the toothpaste should be used, how to brush effectively and how fluoride prevents tooth decay – with 1 in 4 people believes that fluoride is to keep the mouth fresh.Even though 80% of the study popularity reported that they were happy with how they take care of their teeth, the researchers found that over 70% of adults did not know the best way to use toothpaste, and that 55-75% rinse with water after brushing. The best tooth-brushers were women under the age of 35."People generally do brush their teeth, but mostly because of social norms and to feel fresh rather than to prevent tooth decay. Our dental team headed by Dr Binu Abraham will teach you proper techniques for brushing and flossing.Most of the interviewed subjects learned to brush their teeth as children, by their parents. Even if they have been informed about more effective techniques later in life, they continue to brush their teeth like they always have." So it is important to teach your children proper brushing habits which you can learn during your visit to our dental clinic inTrivandrum According to the researchers, we could significantly improve our oral health by learning how to effectively use fluoride toothpaste. In addition, knowledge about brushing teeth effectively must be improved and be clear and easy to understand.

We recommend that individuals should:

· Brush their teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste – after breakfast and before bedtime

· Use toothpaste with more fluoride if cavities occur often

· Visit your dentist at Dr Abrahams dental care , one among the

best dental clinics in Trivandrum for the early detection and prevention of dental problems.
Dental Care Centre started in the year 2010 is situated at Trivandrum, under the treatment of Dr. Binu Abraham . We assure you to provide the best dental service by our highly experienced, qualified and specialized dental surgeon. We aspire to be the leader in the Dental & Oral Care sector with the latest technologies, equipment, materials & instruments. Smile Designing is one of our main specialities. No longer reserved for the stars and celebrities, smile designing is available for you right here right now in our clinic.
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